30 November 2009

Badadam - Future Music magazine

Congratulations to Badadam aka Adam Cousins who has been featured on the CD of this months Future Music magazine.

Badadam appears in future music magazine

If you're into hard, edgy, electronic, techno rock you should check out his myspace page

23 November 2009

Honda Facebook

Honda have officially launched a Facebook fan page today which i had been working on. The brief was to create a brand experience portal, inspiring the Honda communities to share photos, videos & memories relating to Honda products. It will also be a space to showcase all of Honda's current campaigns such as the new Type R Mugen launch and the Honda 'Do It' campaign, as well as encouraging people to get follow the latest news regarding Honda via Twitter.

Honda Facebook

This is the start of hopefully a stronger presence in Facebook for Honda, with many bespoke Honda channels coming up. There has also been the launch of a Facebook fan page specifically for the Type R Mugen here.

22 November 2009

Loonar Goupe Pinhole Camera

I received a cool Pinhole camera kit in the post a while back, and finally found the time to put it together this weekend. What's really cool about the kit is that it takes a standard 35mm film!

Loonar Goupe Pinhole Camera laid out by designer dan

Loonar Goupe Pinhole Camera constructed by designer dan

Should hopefully be posting up some cool pinhole photos later, looking through flickr even if the exposures aren't perfect the results can still end up quite beautiful.

18 November 2009

RCA Secrets 2009 on sale this Saturday

The RCA hold an annual exhibition of original postcard sized art generated by professional artists, designers and illustrators. The really exciting element is that every year they invite a few art gods to submit a postcard into the mix. Past years have seen Damien Hurst, David Baily, Nick Park, as well as fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. This year i am mostly excited by Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry! I really love his latest work the Walthamstow tapestry the details in his work is amazing. Other artists this year include Gerhard Richter, Bill Viola, and Julian Opie.

RCA Secrets 2009

The cool thing is that you don't know what your buying as the artists have signed the back of the postcard, it could turn out to be worth significantly more than the £40 it costs per postcard.

13 November 2009

Unlimited on Facebook

Today is the launch of Unlimited on Facebook, below is the blurb;

Unlimited is a massive entertainment space-ship that has landed nose-first on the surface of Facebook. If you love music, celebs, telly, movies, fashion and sport; and wish to be pleasured by the best of Facebook and beyond, welcome to the pleasure-dome.

Every day we’ll bring you the most talked-about subjects on Facebook, along with weird and wonderful groups, fan pages and polls. Add to that a large dollop of exclusive interviews, lashings of features and a sprinkle of mouth-watering competitions and you’ve almost got the measure of us.

But the cherry on the Unlimited cake is you. We want YOUR best photos, YOUR best videos and whatever else of yours that YOU feel like sharing. Send us your best bits and Unlimited will share them with the world; and other galaxies far, far away.

Unlimited: The Best of Facebook and Beyond…

Unlimited on Facebook

Unlimited on Facebook

We worked in conjunction with RDF to produce a platform that aggregates all the cool happenings and buzz on Facebook and the wider web in one convenient place. Fingers crossed this gets picked up and becomes a big success!

8 November 2009

Lindsey Carr aka Little Robot

Just stumbled across the artwork of Lindsey Carr (aka Littlerobot). The work is characterized primarily by organic forms, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs. Her digital collages remind me of Dan Hillier but what sets her apart is her ability to create similar work in traditional oil paintings.

She also has an etsy shop where you can buy her prints. If you have a bit of cash saved up you can also buy original oil paintings at the Imagine Gallery
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