31 January 2010

Jennifer Khoshbin - Animal Friendly Taxidermy

These resin trophies created by Jennifer Khoshbin are beautiful pieces of art, made even better by the fact that no animals were hurt making them!
The idea of wrapping ornate patterns over the sculpted form isn't necessarily a new concept. What makes her work stand out is the execution, creating wonderful compositions within the form of the sculpture.

Jennifer Khoshbin Deer Trophy Project, fish pattern

Jennifer Khoshbin Deer Trophy Project, butterfly pattern

Jennifer Khoshbin Deer Trophy Project, flower pattern

Jennifer Khoshbin  Dressed Pests, flower pattern

There are loads of designs available on her Etsy site, even with the option to create your own custom design.

26 January 2010

Bug 17 - The Evolution of Music Video

Bug 17 is an event at the BFI Southbank. Hosted by Adam Buxton he presents a selection of the newest, wildest, most inventive music videos, inviting some of the directors up on stage for a chat about their latest projects.
Bug 17 - The Evolution of Music Video

Highlight for Bug 17 was an interview with Roel Wouters & Jonathan Puckey who have created a really cool crowd sourcing video. The track is for the four piece C-Mon & Kypski titled ‘More is Less’. The premise is that you see a frame from the music video your then invited to mimic and capture the pose. Roel said it’s only going to be up there for another month or so (or when the money runs out) so if you want to be in it upload your picture quick!

If you’re into appearing in music videos Facebook have just recently launched a Fan video site which grabs your profile picture and inserts it (really convincingly) into one of 8 custom shot videos with big pop artists. I had mine done and the results are really good!

Designer Dan Myspace Fan video site

There were so many great videos shown at Bug, I definitely recommend going. Below I’ve selected a few ‘choice’ videos for you to enjoy, just click through the photos to get to the Vimeo page.


Yu Sato

Truckers Delight

spacious thoughts

Allsion Schunik

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck

I also recommend going to the BUG site as it has all the archived videos from past shows! Great stuff

22 January 2010

Toxic Swamp

A few years back i created a stop frame animation during my time at University. I just uploaded it to Youtube today so it'll be interesting to see how it's received.

It's set in a post apocalyptic world, there is a swamp so toxic only the strangest creatures can survive. A dumping ground for all manner of contaminated waste what horrors will the animals uncover this week?

Toxic Swamp screenshot

Toxic Swamp screenshot

Toxic Swamp screenshot

Toxic Swamp screenshot

Animating it took a whole week of 12 hour+ days, i also remember having the flu and being shut off in a dark room. Feelings of isolation and the flu drove me a little crazy towards the end, i can really see that reflected in the work. As i said a bit of a weird one!

17 January 2010

London Art Fair 2010

I managed to get 2 complimentary tickets to the London Art Fair at the Business Design Center today. I would recommend it to everyone as there was a real variety of artists work on display. Some familiar, some not so familiar but all of great aesthetic quality. More photos can be found on my flickr stream. I was generally obsessed with the Damien Hirst Prints, at a fairly reasonable price too (considering). My favourite piece had to be the dog sculptures titled 'Bad Babysitter' by artist Mikael Alacoque.

Mikael Alacoque Bad Babysitter

islington art fair 2010

islington art fair 2010

islington art fair 2010

islington art fair 2010

islington art fair 2010

islington art fair 2010

Unfortunately it was the last day of the exhibition, we only had an hour to browse all the work and ideally it would have been great to take down more names of artists that interested me. Still there's always next year.

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