6 February 2010

Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the V&A

For those who don't know Decode is an exhibition currently running at the V&A Museum. In partnership with One Dot Zero it presents a selection of the latest developments in digital and interactive design.

As part of a company field trip we headed off down to the V&A after work to hopefully get some inspiration. On the whole it was a good experience, although the exhibition was fairly small there were a few stand out pieces that are definitely worth seeing. I've been to a few similar exhibitions and what this lacked was sound, other exhibits had booths with headphones which really helped focus attention on each piece. Unfortunately some works were lost a bit in the general noise and distraction of the exhibition space, however the later interactive pieces and the great free information booklet made up for this small gripe.

Below are a few highlights if you click through the links they'll take you to the artists page. Enjoy!

Radioheads House of Cards music video directed by James Frost

Yoke interactive installation titled Dandelion

Kicking the leaves of Simon Heijdens installation titled Tree

C.E.B. Reas digital installation titled TI

Joshua Davis titled Swarm Draw

Daniel Rozin installation titled Weave Mirror

Designer dan in Ross Philips installation titled Videogrid

If you want to see more pictures I've uploaded loads more photos on Flickr.


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