14 March 2010

Wedding Invitations

Finally found the time to sit down and produce the invitations for my Wedding this summer!
There wasn't a big budget for producing these, so it all had to be home printed which is a shame. To make up for this, i went down the local art shop and picked up some nice paper stock. Where possible I've let the antique tones of the paper come through the design, keeping everything else monochromatic. The typefaces used are Chopin, which is an excellent script font, with great uppercase glyphs, and for the main body text I've used trustworthy Georgia.

Wedding invitation designs for Daniel Hall and Rhiannon Thomas produced by designer dan

wedding invite designs for Daniel Hall and Rhiannon Thomas produced by designer dan

We've set up a bit of a production line in the living room, so hopefully all will be posted out by the end of the week.


SerenaJane said...

They look absolutely lovely! Looks like it totally pays to do them yourself.

nancy john said...

Looks gorgeous and will be a great resource for what I'm sure will be your fabulous wedding!

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