4 November 2010

D&AD Presidents Lecture - Pecha Kucha 'Everything is more interesting than your desk'

Yesterday i went to the Logan Hall to attend the D&AD Presidents Lecture, where Sanky (the newly crowned President) brought in all the various people who have inspired and motivated him to each give a short presentation.

Held in a Pecha Kucha format (Japanese for Chit Chat), speakers only had 20 seconds to talk about each of their slides with a maximum of 20 slides to present. This generally makes for entertaining viewing and avoids the dull moments associated with power point presentation.

Highlights of the talk were from illustrator/animator Mr Bingo who had a great idea of locking a thousand business men in a room under armed guard, forcing them to draw pictures and then publish their work. A representative from Tomato presenting 20 slides on phallic symbols, and Graham Fink taking to the stage with a Samurai sword!

Andy Cameron (W+K creative director) gave great references on digital interaction, with some great slides on Marie Sester, Ed Burton, and Myron Krueger. Neville Brody's presentation was pretty inspired, a call to arms to lose our design apathy and find a relevant response to what is currently happening both politically and socially.

All in all a great night and i look forward to the next one


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