29 November 2010

Dirty Kunst Exhibition at Seventeen gallery

For those who like art that provokes a strong response from the viewer there is a fun little show currently being held at the Seventeen Gallery, located just at the bottom of the Kingsland road.

Upon arrival we were presented with a series of works by Tom Gallant, who cuts out ornate patterns from various pornographic photos. The beauty in the patterned motifs do a great job in countering the vulgarity of the pornographic images used. However the same can't be said of Jota Castro's photographic print of a statue of liberty souveniere protruding from some guys arsehole!

Dirty Kunst exhibition at Seventeen Gallery
Dirty Kunst exhibition at Seventeen Gallery
Dirty Kunst exhibition at Seventeen Gallery

It was hard to take a lot of the work seriously at times as on the floor of the gallery space was a Nathan Barley quote etched on a large piece of slate, reminding you of the absurdity of what you were viewing. Michael Joo's 'Yellow, Yellower, Yellowist', an aluminium shelf supporting 3 beakers of urine of increasing tonal values being a good example.

Going down the stairs into a dark basement area the atmosphere changed, roaming around a darkened space there was a dog kennel in one corner. Playing inside was a video which managed to induce a shriek from an unsuspecting woman who happened to bend down to have a look.

The exhibition runs until Thursday 23rd December, i've deliberately kept the photos from this show to a minimum as not to ruin some of the 'surprises' of the show. So if you have the time i would recommend heading down there to have a look for yourself.
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