6 December 2010

Tom Gallant - Hand Cut Paper Art

I saw some of Tom Gallant's work at a recent exhibition on the Kingsland Road. His work initially reminded me of the hand cut work of illustrator Rob Ryan, however there is a subtle twist within Tom's work that gives it an edge.

Tom Gallent hand cut paper art
Tom Gallent hand cut paper artTom Gallent hand cut paper art

If you begin to look closely within the intricate hand cut floral patterns you can see hints of hair, lips, and various other body parts. Soon the true source of the artwork becomes clear, the fleshy tones are in fact taken from archived pornographic magazines. His ability to turn such lowbrow source material into such beauty is pretty amazing, if you want to see some of his work in person he has a few pieces up here.

2 December 2010

Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt - RCA secrets

So i thought it's about time i posted up some photos of the RCA postcards i bought a few weeks ago. One of the artists i purchased a postcard from contacted me last week and by an amazing coincidence out of the 2,800 postcards on sale, i purchased not only her work and her partners work but also her partners brothers work! Amazing when you think that all the work was displayed anonymously, and the visual styles were so different.

I've split this post into two parts as otherwise it would be far too long. First up are The Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt and her partner Thayen Rich, between them they have set up the 'Treatment Rooms' which is located in Chiswick west London. Occupying 3 stories, the buildings external walls have been transformed into an ongoing conceptual piece of mosaic art.

Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt postcard #944 - RCA Secret Postcards at the Royal Academy of Arts 2010
Thayen Rich aka Mr Spunky postcard #643 - RCA Secret Postcards at the Royal Academy of Arts 2010

Carrie Reichardt predominately works within the medium of ceramics, using strong political themes as well as her passionate empathy towards world issues. She was good enough to send me a link to the 'Boy Soldiers' group show she exhibited in July, where you can see where the postcard art originated from. The mosaic compromised of images of real life child soldiers, as well as adverts for Mattel toy guns.

Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt ceramic art
Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt ceramic art
Baroness Carrie Von Reichardt ceramic art

Looking through her site she has recently put up a new selection of work on her etsy page, i particularly like her ceramic spray cans.
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