30 January 2011

Bug 23 with Adam Buxton at the BFI

For those who haven't heard of Bug, it is a monthly night held at he BFI showcasing the newest and best music videos currently doing the rounds. Hosted by Adam Buxton, there are also a few amusing segments interwoven between the films which mostly consist of mocking the YouTube community and their comments to the videos.

Bug 23, hosted by Adam Buxton at the BFI

I've blogged a few Bug events previously, taking the time to source the videos shown and post them up on this blog for you you to look at. However it looks like the Bug team have made it even easier to share the videos showcased on the night through a YouTube playlist, which can be viewed here.

Anyone interested should note the nights sell out very quickly as members of the BFI get pre-orders which normally fill the venue, however there are always the occasional free seat on the night so it may be worth just popping down.


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