9 January 2011

High Society Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

Myself and fellow Collective designer @mattakempton went down to the Wellcome Collection last week to have a look through the High Society exhibition. 'Beginning with the idea that the alteration of consciousness is a universal human impulse, the exhibition looks at the use of drugs across the world, whether for recreational, experimental, religious or medical purposes.'

High Society Exhibition at the Welcome Collection, London Uk

Looking around the exhibits the show has done a great job at presenting a balanced and varied view on the topic, at not point did it feel biased in any one direction. What it did very well, was give a good mix of exhibits which helped keep you fully engaged with the material. There were some great experiential exhibits like a Brion Gysin Dreammachine, and Mustafa Hulusi's four screen video projection titled 'Afyon'. The mild effects from these exhibits helped aid the appreciation of the other exhibits, specifically Keith Coventry's photo-lithographs and bronze sculptures, and Tracy Moffatt's photography.

If your keen to get down the exhibition runs until the 27th February, with late night openings on Thursdays.


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