26 January 2011

London Art Fair 2011 - Part 1, Paper

So here's the first post from this years London Art Fair, i went down last week and was blown away by the quality of the work on show. It took a good couple of hours to get through, so rather than overload the blog I thought it would be better to split it over a couple of posts.

First up are some pieces of art using paper as the medium, either through simple folding or cutting. I especially liked the works of Andrea Mastrovito with his typographic collage, and Elisabeth Lecourt folded maps.

Elisabeth Lecourt - Envol Plume
Elisabeth Lecourt - Souffle ballon souffle
Francisca Prieto - Between Folds/Maps
Andrea Mastrovito - Love is a four letter word, 2010
Andrea Mastrovito - Love is a four letter word, 2010
Susila Bailey-Bond - Midnight moonshine
Susila Bailey-Bond - Midnight moonshine
Robert Ryan - Look closer and closer
Robert Ryan - Look closer and closer

If you want a preview of the rest of the show there is a mess of a flickr set that i am in the process of tidying up here.


david said...

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