17 January 2011

New Contemporaries 2010 at the ICA

After an unsuccessful Sunday outing to the Whitecube gallery (it was shut) we popped down to the ICA to catch the New Contemporaries exhibition. All in all it was a good mix of talents, showcasing new upcoming artists working across film, sculpture, photography, painting, animation and performance.

Highlights from the show were Sam Knowles piece titled 'Field' , the hilarious and gruesome animation from Kristian de la Riva (i couldn't find it online, but this one is similar). There was also a great video piece by Edward Thomasson.

Chris Shaw Huges
Chris Shaw Huges - The New Pharohs (Dubai, 2008) & All Things Being Equal
Sam Knowles - Field, 2009
Sam Knowles - Field
Darren Harvey-Regan - Aletheia
Darren Harvey-Regan - Aletheia
Kristian de la Riva - Cut
Kristian de la Riva - Cut

The show runs until the 23rd January so you'll need to be quick if you want to see it for yourself. More photos of the show can be found on my Flickr page.


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