18 January 2011

The Whitney Brothers - Computer Generated Films

Last week i went down to the BFI to see a selection of short films by John and James Whitney, who were pioneers in the field of computer animation. Looking through the early documentaries, the Whitney brothers were working at a time when their computer would have been the size of a large room. It's difficult to think back to a time when even a simple piece of code would take hours to render out, not knowing if the results are sucessful or not.

From IBM to MGM, signed by Dr Andrew Utterson
John and James Whitney

It was great to hear them talking about image and movement, and their attempts at trying to develop a new visual language. I was so impressed i even bought a book on it, which was written by Dr Andrew Utterson, who had given an introduction to the evening. If you want to have a looks at some of the films click the image above to be taken to YouTube.


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