29 March 2011

Adam Buxton's Bug 24 at the BFI

Last Friday a few of us attended Bug 24 at the BFI. Hosted by Adam Buxton, it's a night showcasing the latest 'quirky' music videos doing the rounds, with a few comical comments from the YouTube community thrown in for good measure.

As mention in a previous Bug post, it looks like they are starting to create YouTube playlists of the Bug shows, however it takes a fair amount of time after the show before they are uploaded. In the mean time, i've selected a few 'Choice' videos for you to look through (just click the images to be taken to the YouTube videos).

Adam Buxton presents a night of music videos at Bug 24 at the BFI 2011
YONKERS From Tylers Upcoming Second Album GOBLIN Directed By Wolf Haley shown at Bug24 hosted by Adam Buxton
Dir: Lernert & Sander shown at Bug24 hosted by Adam Buxton
MC NxtGen's Andrew Lansley Rap shown at Bug24 hosted by Adam Buxton
No Age - Fever Dreaming shown at Bug24 hosted by Adam Buxton
Again & Again

Anyone interested should note the nights sell out very quickly as members of the BFI get pre-orders which normally fill the venue, however there are always the occasional free seat on the night so it may be worth just popping down.


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