29 March 2011

The Shakey Monkey Space app by Cog Design

Browsing through the app store last night i came across this little gem of an app from the guys over at Cog design. Bored by the retro futurist style, which inevitably crops up time and time again on the various design communities. Cog have created this nifty little image generator, that with a mere shake of the iphone will generate a new piece of art. I love the attention to detail Cog have gone to, you can even export and share the image mapped out onto a person holding the poster. However most of all i love the name.

Below are a few examples to look through, although you may as well just get it for yourself (it's free)

shakey monkey space app by cog design
shakey monkey space app by cog design

It would be great to see if some of this work does in fact make it on sites like ffffound, if anyone sees any please let me know.


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