14 April 2011

Playstation - The Studio Launch, at Glug London

Myself and a few Collective colleagues headed out to Glug last night, to get a sneak peak at Studio Output's latest Project for Sony Playstation. Titled 'The Studio' it's a new digital art store hosted on the Playstation Network, showcasing a range of static and dynamic themes from some of the most coveted artists and designers, which are all available for download.

There are already some great themes ready for launch, from the likes of Jasper Goodall, Anthony Burrill, Eboy, Jon Burgerman, Mr Bingo, and Bob London. I had a quick demo of it on the night, and it looks like a great platform that will hopefully develop and expand, giving these artists exposure to a wider Playstation audience. I personally have my eye on the Mr Bingo theme, as it's based on his print 'Charlie does a kickflip' which i had my eye on but had sold out.

Glug - The Studio' Launch, April 2011
Glug at village underground
Press shots of Glug at village underground
Mr Bingo at Glug - The Studio' Launch, April 2011
Bob London at Glug - The Studio' Launch, April 2011
Press shots of Glug at village underground

It was an enjoyable evening with some great talks from Studio Output, Anthony Burrill, Jasper Goodall, Tomato and Mr Bingo (whose unique observations on the history of the internet stole the show).

There are a load more photos of the night up on my Flickr account, so feel free to have a look. I'll see you at the next one.


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