22 May 2011

Bedtime Stories at 40 Winks

After a strong recommendation from a work colleague i booked up a trip to 40 winks to attend the Bedtime stories evening they host. The venue has been described by German Vogue as 'the most beautiful small hotel in the world' and you can see why. Interior designer and host to the evening David Carter has done a fantastic job creating a real sense of decadence in each of the rooms.

With a strict dress code of glamorous night attire, it was initially a bit surreal chatting to strangers in your jimjams, however after a few Gin cocktails everyone settled into the evenings festivities. The stories had a lot to live up to but i can honestly say they were all fantastic, we had 45 minutes in each room and the time flew by. A particular highlight was Suzanne Andrade's reading of Angela Carter. I haven't read much of Angela's work previously and it was a great introduction, I have to confess I had some very vivid dreams after that.

David Carter - 40 winks
David Carter - 40 winks
David Carter - 40 winks

If you want to go and experience it for yourself you'll have to be quick as there are just a few shows before it temporarily closes for the summer. The next one is the 27th of this month, which will have Peter Chand performing 'Tales from India' and the last two dates being the 15th and 16th June 'Tales of The Beautiful and The Damned'


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