29 May 2011

Jaume Plensa exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We caught up with a few friends in Nottingham over the weekend and as part of the festivities we had a trip up to the Yorkshire Sculpture park to check out the new Jaume Plensa exhibition.

Looking around the there was an impressive amount of work on display, the alabaster heads, illuminated in the darkened room had a real impact. Another highlight was the room containing the engraved gongs. Walking around you were invited to hit each of them, creating a cerebral bed of sounds, uniting the object and the audience in one experience.

Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Jaume Plensa - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

There are loads more photos up on Flick if you want to have a look through. The Henry Moore pieces were a real treat to look at and there were a fair few pieces i hadn't seen before. However the real highlight was exploring the hills to see a couple of pieces by Andy Goldsworthy. As a student i was besotted by his work, so it was great to see his work close up in person.


Peter said...

Hi Daniel,

I went to the YSP with my parents and N the other week. We hadn't been before. None of us are really fans of modern art, but we really enjoyed it.

When we saw that Andy Goldsworthy piece "Outclosure" we walked all around it trying to find the entrance. Confused, Dad asked what it was called. I looked it up in the leaflet and read out the name. We laughed all the way to the next sculpture. It's weird, I can't think of another time when an artwork connected with me that effectively.

I also really loved the Jaume Plensa exhibit, especially the people made of wire mesh on the roof. The effect of them against the sky was quite impressive, never quite sure if you're seeing what your brain tells you you're seeing.

It was also really nice to see so many families walking round. I doubt we really understood the artist's intent with a lot of the sculptures, but it was great to go and see them in such a beautiful setting, and everyone else was obviously enjoying it too.

A really good way to enjoy a sunny day.


Unknown said...

Hi Peter, glad you liked the Andy Goldsworthy work, you should have a look at his other work it really is quite beautiful. The mesh heads were also quite fun, we were convinced the faces were tracking us as we walked around.

Hopefully Rhi and I will try and pop up to Leeds for a visit during the Summer, i'll let you know when we're up!

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