10 May 2011

Mr Bingo - Hate mail postcard project

Some say he's the 'Master of pens'. Some call him the 'Shoreditch Beat Busketeer'. Some say he fucks about for a living. Well whatever they say, you have to admire Mr Bingo's latest self initiated project. Bringing life back into the old art of postcard correspondence, Mr Bingo adds his own subversive twist by sending out vintage postcards containing drawings with varying degrees of offensiveness. Giving both the the receiver and postman a bit of entertainment along the way.

I have to confess i was unsure if it would ever turn up, as it's something that could easily get lost in the post, but low and behold it got delivered, giving a nice little lift to my morning.

Mr Bingo - Hate mail
Mr Bingo - Hate mail

If you fancy getting your own personalized piece of hate mail, you can go over to his site and order one (or even better send one to a friend). I get the impression from his tweets this has become pretty popular so expect a fair wait as he works through the backlog.


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