27 July 2011

Creative Review 'Tweetup' at the Tate's Vorticism Exhibition 2011

Last week i headed down to the Tate Britain to attend the latest Creative Review 'Tweetup' and get a preview of the upcoming Vorticism exhibition. Having recently watched a great documentary on the subject i was really looking forward to seeing the show. The one artists I was most intrigued to see was Wyndham Lewis, he was a British critic, novelist, painter, and editor of the short-lived and incendiary artistic magazine Blast. In my opinion the guy was pretty warped, he wrote the first biography on Hitler and there is a great quote from Ernest Hemingway saying "he had the eyes of a failed rapist". Looking through his paintings you could see his warped industrial utopia being played out. The dehumanization of the figurative form, represented by geometric shapes, are set within these abstract futurist patchworks of modern cities all in a state of perpetual war.

This exhibition really shows the effect the first world war had on people, and it was really bleak. For my art A level i did a study from Jacob Epstein's 'Torso in Metal', at the time i loved the modern interpretation of the figurative form and spend hours looking and drawing. This torso was originally part of a bigger piece, which i got to see for the first time at the show. It seems Epstein 'butchered' this sculpture to reflect what was happening on the front line, to the troops who were being butchered at the hands of the mechanised machine guns.

Creative Review Tweetup at the Tate 2011
Creative Review Tweetup at the Tate 2011

It was great chatting through the show with the various people at the Tweetup. I love the mix of creative people the get together attracts. We tried to have a go on the interactive 'consequence' game put together by the interactive production company Specialmoves. It was great chatting to a few of the guys, it turns out they worked on the Kaiser Chiefs 'build you own album' site which i love and that they're down the road from us on Exmouth Market.

Many thanks to the Tate Britain and Creative Review for a great evening (loved the goodie bag as well). There are more photos from the event on the Creative Review blog, see you at the next one.


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