26 July 2011

House of Beasts at Attingham Park

House of Beasts is a new exhibition set within the surroundings of Attingham's elegant 18th-century mansion and deer park. Build for the 1st Lord Berwick in 1785, the house had been in continuous ownership by the family for more than 160 years with five generations of spenders, savers, and saviours who have loved or neglected this great estate.

Meadow Arts have done a fantastic job putting together this group of artists, it was great to see work by Polly Morgan, Kate MccGwire, Alastair Mackie, and Tessa Farmer. The exhibition included work specifically commissioned for the show as well as work that has been directly inspired by Attingham's history. Each artwork resonates so beautifully with the surroundings you have to look carefully as you roam around the house as you could easily miss a few pieces.

House of beasts exhibition at Attingam Park
Polly morgan at the House of beasts exhibition at Attingam Park
Polly Morgan at the House of beasts exhibition at Attingam Park
Tessa Farmer at the House of beasts exhibition at Attingam Park
Kate Mccgwire at the House of beasts exhibition at Attingam Park

The exhibition runs until the 5th July 2012, so you have plenty of time to plan a trip there. The National Trust has partnered with the Arts Council and have other great exhibitions up and down the country so for more information check out the website here.


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